Photographer Ryan Zipp has been surrounded by nature from a very young age. He spent every Fall growing up helping out at a banding station along the Connecticut shoreline ran by his father Jim, an award winning professional nature photographer. Getting to witness breathtaking views of these powerful hawks up close continues to inspire his passion for wildlife photography to this day.

Having the opportunity to travel the country, Zipp was able to gain hands on experience with professional photography gear long before the days of digital. Valuable lessons of composition, exposure, and especially the virtue of patience were passed down from father to son on countless photo trips. The need to adventure has never gone away.  As a result, some of his favorite destinations that lend themselves as quintessential for photographing subjects of interest include but are not limited to: the mountains of Colorado, sunsets on the Pacific Coast Highway, night skies above the desolate Joshua Tree desert and the gigantic trees of the Sequoia forest in California.

Currently based out of New Haven, CT, Zipp is able to capture a variety of subjects and scenery from the four distinct seasons that New England has to offer.  Images from his originals collection are available for purchase in either standard prints or gallery canvas wraps right here on his website.  When not out shooting, Zipp can be found creating videos for clients or on stage rocking out behind his drum kit.