Winter in Central Vermont

(February 23rd-25th 2018)

Over the last 6 months I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number of other photographers from my home state of Connecticut that share a passion for the type of adventure and photography that I love. Although I enjoy heading out solo on day trips and other excursions, it is fun to have like minded people that I mesh well with to head out with sometimes too. I decided to plan a long weekend up in Central Vermont and booked a cabin through Airbnb in Northfield to be our homebase. On the way up we took some back roads through the Woodstock area to scout out a few locations for shooting, including the famous Sleepy Hollow Farm. Such a cool spot but the grass surrounding the farm was only half covered by snow and the overall feel of the shot wasn’t there for me. We got over to the cabin just as daylight was ending and it was the perfect place for a group of 5 of us to call home for the weekend.

After cooking everyone breakfast everyone packed into my SUV to start our day by cruising up Route 100. First place we stopped was Moss Glen Falls in Granville, a 35ft horsetail waterfall that’s pretty much right off the road. We then headed to Warren Falls, another spectacular waterfall, with stunning blue green water spilling down into several different pools. All of us are big fans of capturing long exposures of waterfalls so it was the perfect way to start off the day.. We stopped at a number of roadside pulloffs as someone in the car would yell about something that caught their eye or a spot that made me want to give it another look. In the afternoon we made our way over to Burlington, VT and Lake Champlain to experience another part of the state. We got ourselves in position to capture sunset over a slightly frozen Lake Champlain before heading over to The Church Street Marketplace in Burlington to shoot their display of Christmas lights that stay up through March.

Before checking out of the cabin the next morning I sent my drone up for a flight down the road and also captured a bird’s eye view of the cabin down below. Had to snap a shot of the group hanging on the deck before we began the journey back home. Before hooking back up with Interstate 91 we stopped in Brattleboro to walk around a bit with our cameras and grab some dinner. I ended up snapping a really cool keeper shot of a tree lined mountainside covered with fog right before we ran out of light for the day. The trip was a success and everyone was already asking about planning another group adventure later in the year.