New York Raptors

A few hour drive from Los Angeles brought us to Joshua Tree National Park in Twentynine Palms, CA.  It’s such a unique area in that it’s this desolate desert but has such an amazing vibe unlike anywhere else that I’ve ever been.  Almost like you’re on a totally different Mars-like planet when you’re standing out there in the middle of nowhere.  Unreal to watch the sun go down and then see an infinite amount of stars appear in the sky without the interference of any light pollution.  Definitely a spot to put on the return to list for the future.

I enjoy New England living but a trip out West to LA is always a good way to change things up for a week.  One of my best friends Eric lives right in the heart of Hollywood so always great to catch up when I head out there too.  The Pacific Coast Highway is one of my favorite roads in the country to drive and we made stops in Santa Monica & Malibu to photograph some amazing scenics.  Tough to beat a sunset view over the Pacific Ocean.